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loveless100's Journal

Loveless Drabbles
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Welcome to loveless100!

This community is a drabble community dedicated to the Loveless Anime. We work like a typical drabble community--- except with a few quirks of our own.

Word count minimum is 100 words. This is a drabble community. We want at least a hundred words. Anything less puts you out of the running. Feel free to go above and beyond 100 words, though. Sky's the limit.

Prompts will be issued every other week. Say the last prompt is issued Friday, then the deadline for an entry is in two weeks (or every other Friday.) Don't worry about getting confused! The mods will clarify the deadline after each prompt is issued.

Winners pick prompts. The submitter of the prompt chooses the winner & that winner picks the next prompt.

Winners get prizes. We have some great artists who are working with us to create prizes for the winner. Winners can get a Loveless icon or banner made especially for them! And every once in a while, a winner can get Loveless Merch!

You can drabble whatever you like -- go back to old challenges, come up with your own theme. But if you do, make sure you clearly label it as a "non-challenge" drabble so that the judge won't be confused. Also, if you submit multiple drabbles for one challenge, state which one you want entered officially.

Basically, the golden rule is to play nice. If your drabble contains spoilers, indicate it clearly, and make sure you label the rating. If you have a problem with someone's work, don't insult it (or the author) -- give some creative criticism.

Here's a simple format to follow when posting:
Title: If this has some profanity in it, please f-lock it.
Prompt: Changes every two weeks!
Pairings/Characters: write pairings like/this, write everything else like, this.
Rating: Anything above T rating --- please f-lock it.
Word Count: Shoot for at least 100 words, here.

[lj-cut with your drabble]

Tags should be as follows: author name, prompt.

pairing is optional.

Previous Challenges and Winners
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A Rainy Day - evercool's "sensation and beauty"
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Hypnotism - presencedear's "hypnotism"
Wounds - megami_maxwell's "painful squeaking"
In the Middle - presencedear's "unconnected"
Gratitude - mousapelli's "damaged goods"
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Wanting - presencedear's "wish upon a star..."
Losing - norinoricat's "harp"
Art Deco - presencedear's "the lie"
Bath Time - ver2frog's "like an onion"
Assignments - presencedear's "homework"
Chocolate - kyokutou's "brownies"
Secret Admirer - evercool's "change of plans"
Rejection - shikishi's "first impressions"
Fixations - presencedear's "a doomed romance"
Left Out -
shikishi's "knock before entering"
Summer Holiday - kimper's "candy and cake"
Achy - rock_lee_554's "soubi is..."
Needing You - kimper's "painful truth"
Satisfaction - enchanter's "not undone"
Habits/Addictions - miiko_ashida's "his preferences"
Degrees of Separation - shikishi's "swallowed"
Festivals - presencedear's "strawberry fields"
Memories - aperu_sama's "treasure trove"
Condition - wicked_pistil's "the art of composition"
Alteration - enchanter's "watertight"
Illusion - aluragayle's "sfumato"
Prove It - ildreen_love's "answers"
Family - kimper's "blades and sediment"
Acceptance - aoyagi's "uniformity"
Poison - enchanter's "fragmentary"
Opposites - ildreen_love's "brats"
Shoelaces - tekalynn's "cat and mouse"
Shadows - leximon's "shadows"
Reciprocate - miiko_ashida's "the golden rule"
Imitation - kessie's "deceiver of fools"
Broken - aluragayle's "a thousand times"
Cross-over - stillskies's "wish" (xxxHOLiC cross-over)
Inconvenient Truth - miiko_ashida's "hesitation"
Melody - ildreen_love's "love u"
Spider Webs - octavius_x's "abandon"
Collar - ildreen_love's "some things never change"
Ghosts - luvloveless's "memories"
Smiles - unmei_no_ai's "amiss"
Writing - bitterfic's "autobiography of a mask"
Toy - haavruuva's "who will it hurt if I play with my little brother?"
Vouchsafe - artemisgoddess' "let me"
Fairy Tale - haavruuva's "glass slippers"
Domino - felinavaldis's untitled
Dreamcatcher - pollinia's "protector"
Mine - bitterfic's "perfect composition"
Bruise - pollinia's "bruised"
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Island - kanoi_trace's "what about you?"
Beginnings - shus_songbook's "ZERO destiny"
Video Games - kanoi_trace's "dating games"
Insides - euphonious_glow's "how can i keep from singing?"
Identity - norinoricat's "who"
Delicate - zekkass's "labeled as"
Morbid - kanoi_trace's "morbidity"
Friends - amorpheus's "friends"
Whispers - kanoi_trace's "the voices in my head"
Lovers - astiartiers's "words in vernacular"
Windowpane - rock_lee_554's "cracked introspection"
Nein - nimoe's "off-clock musings"
First Love - islancio's "Not as Profound, but Definitely More True"

Current Challenge: Steady